Building Asset Services

Building Asset Services

Building Asset Services for Commercial and Residential buildings.

Technical And Trade Services, repairs, Preventative Maintenance, Projects, Upgrades, Installation and Fault Finding.

✔ Mechanical Services, HVAC Mechanical Services including the Electrcial and Fire Services integration and control

✔ Carbon Monoxide Car Park Gas Sensor Calibration and Car Park fan controls, including electrical, BMS automation systems and analgue controls

✔ General Electrical including Light & Power, Test & Tag, Switchboards, Modifications, Thermal Graphics reports, General & LED Lighting.

✔ Mechaical Electrical, including MCCs, Switchboards, Commissioning, repairs, new installations, and upgrades

✔ Fire Protection Services preventative Maintenance, Inspect & Test, Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS), Regular monthly maintenance as per AS1851, Fire Indication Panels repairs & Maintenance, Integration Between Fire systems HVAC and electrical systems.

“Forte brings a unique foundation of experience and expertise across Our Commercial Building portfolio. Their Building Assett Services, include all the required major disciplines to support and maintain our buildings”

Mechanical Services Maintenance In Buildings

HVAC Mechanical Services including the Electrical and Fire Services integration and HVAC control

✔ Mechanical Services, including Air-handling units, Package units, Cooling Towers, Pumps and Fan Motors, Balances, Preventative Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance.

✔ Carbon Monoxide Car Park Gas Claibration and Car Park fan controls, including electrical, BMS automation systems and analogue controls

✔ HVAC Mechaical System Controls, including BMS, pneumatic, digital and electronic control systems. (we have a background in Lon, Bacnet and Tridium)

✔ Essential Services such as Stair Pressuization, Car Park Exhaust and supply fans, smoke relief and smoke exhaust fans

Electrical Maintenance Services In Buildings

General Electrical and Mechanical Electrical.

✔ Light and Power installation, fault finding, modifications, upgrades
✔ Test and Tag, RCD Testing
✔ Motor control centres and switchboards, control panels
✔ 3 phase motor repairs, replacement,
Variable Speed Drive installation, commissioning, control
✔ Motor and HVAC Control Fault finding
✔ Single Line Diagrams
✔ Projects, new installations, Upgrades, Rewires, Occupied and unoccupied buildings

Fire Protection Maintenance Services In Buildings

Fire Systems Monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly, and annual test and inspect regime.

✔ Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS) completed and submitted to the council
✔ Repairs, Fault Finding, Upgrades, Full Function Testing, Installations
✔ Fire indication panels (FIP) upgrades, repairs, fault finding
✔ Hydrant and sprinkler pumps repairs, testing, upgrades
✔ Diesel pumps repairs, testing, upgrades, inspections
✔ Smoke detection system
✔ Evacuation Diagrams , block plans, Base data, Signage, Pathways and egress
✔ HVAC Mechanical services integration, shut testing, ductwork smoke sensors, Carpark fan control
✔ Portable fire extinguishers,
✔ Emergency and Exit lighting testing repairs, upgrades
✔ Hose reels, Fire blankets,
✔ Fire Engineering Reports (FER)
✔ FPAA Acreditations

Asset Register Services In Buildings

Asset registers are a fundamental part of your fire systems preventative maintenance procedures.

Other Technical services such as HVAC, Electrical, and controls, can be included for a more detailed and synchronous database.

✔ Fire Systems, including Dry Fire and Wet Fire
✔ Evacuation Systems
✔ HVAC Mechanical Systems, including Cooling towers, Pumps, Chillers, Air Handling units, VAVs, Package Units, Fan coil units, etc
✔ Electrical Systems including Switchboards, Mechanical Control Centres, Single Line Diagrams, Generla/LED Lighting, Emergency and Exit Lighting
✔ Essential Services, Including Fire, Stair Pressurization, Emergency Lighting, Exhaust fans, elevator shut down/ground floor, HVAC Shut down
✔ Smoke detection systems
✔ Controls and Building Management Systems (Automation Systems)

Energy Management Services In Buildings

Mechanical and Electrical services have the greatest opportunity to reduce your energy bills, and increase your Nabers Energy Rating.

✔ Energy Management Systems
✔ Energy Management system integration with Building management Systems
✔ Independent stand-alone Energy Management Systems
✔ Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Energy Management Systems
✔ Integration of Energy Management system in HVAC Mechanical services Switchboards.
✔ Energy Audits, levels 1, 2, or 3 to Australian Standards

Services Audits Services In Buildings

Building Asset Services includes for audits of your core operational services.

✔ Energy Management Systems
✔ Mechanical Services / HVAC
✔ General Electrical / Light & power
✔ Mechanical Electrical including MCCs, Mechanical Switchboards
✔ HVAC and Controls, including Building Management Systems and Analogiues controls – (BACnet, LON, Tridium)
✔ Technical Due Diligence

Our Building Services Audits will examone energy savings opportunities, maintenance, obsolescence, end of life, life term, serviceability, sustainability, and other factors, subject to the clients requirements.

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