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Building Management System Maintenance

Mutli-Brands, Multi-Protocols, BACnet, Lon Works, Niagara

Independent Contractor | Electricians and Air Conditioning Mechanics | Tailored Site Specific Agreements

Are you considering changing your current Building Management System Maintenance Vendor?

Building Management System maintenance technician investigating a fault in a mechanical services switch board with a volt meter

Reducing costs in building performance and energy management

In your consultation, we’ll give consideration to the following:

  • 1. Your greatest concern with current arrangements and how we can help?
  • 2. Your energy conservation, your ideas, current strategies
  • 3. User accessibility, mechanical service agents, Web interface, GUI
  • 4. Your existing System protocols and proprietary considerations (if any)
  • 5. NABERS rating, does it apply and it relevance to your building
  • 6. What is your current situation, urgency? Priorities?
  • 7. Is your current BMS new, obsolete, nearing the end of it’s life?
  • 8. Have you considered integrating lighting control, access control, security
  • 9. Budget price (on the spot)

Your consultation is usually an hour; we can perform a budget price on the spot and e-mail this to you while we are on site.

Building Management Systems (BMS)
Maintenance and Service Level Agreements:

We can provide the following Building Management System Maintenance Services as part of our maintenance teams scope, including:Building Management System Maintenance Graphic

  • BMS Controller checks (communications, battery, Functionality)
  • BMS Field device calibration
  • BMS Control Valves operation
  • BMS Transducer operation
  • BMS Sensor calibration
  • BMS carbon monoxide sensor calibration
  • Existing Switchboard modifications
  • BMS status checks (run status pumps, fans etc)
  • BMS alarms checks
  • Trend logs
  • Documentation and functional specifications
  • Check lists and Digital photos
  • alterations and additions
  • Green star Strategies
  • NABERS Assessments
  • CBD Lighting Assessments
  • 24/7 call out
  • Remote access and support
  • Work Place Health and Safety Compliance
  • Relevant Insurances

Building Management Systems:

Our Processes serve in preserving Building Assets and delivering proper Operational and Maintenance services. These services provide reliable, effective, economic strategies to deliver results, including monitoring and supervision, for compliance and control.

Building Management System Maintenance Mechanical Services switchboard with BMS controllers on the left hand side

the center, Control Building Management System on the right. Main switch and Circuit breakers on the left side, Mechanical services high Voltage in cubical

We have extensive experience in contracts Management, reviewing, implementing and managing service agreements, sourcing Market Value and Project Management.

Work Place Health & Safety:

The Work Place Health & safety industry has changed and developed further with new legislation from 1st January 2012, we have Construction and Maintenance experience with implementing WHS systems. We also will engage a consultant on occasions to Reduce Risk to ensure additional Risk Management where necessary.

Our Consultants web site is: Sydney OHS

Contract Management:

Different building services require different service levels of cover and scope of maintenance, for example there may be preventative maintenance agreements with a comprehensive components for materials, other agreements may be fully comprehensive, others may be corrective maintenance only.

We can negotiate terms and conditions, scope, schedules, delivery, performance, objectives, and include sustainability improvements criteria in agreements.

Technology in Facilities:

The greater the depth and span of the technology invested into a facility, the greater the clarity and visibility into the Operations of facility;

with increased monitoring and recording, then reporting, alarm notification, data analysis and fiscal comparisons can be made.

Strategic BMS Installation Considerations:

  • User Friendly
  • Open Protocol equipment/controllers
  • Lon Works, Modbus, Bacnet, Sedona capable
  • Logical Hierarchy
  • Full password to client at end of warranty
  • Manual Overrides and set points
  • Consultation with end user/Operator regarding graphics set up
  • BMS functional specification
  • Remote access, including phone technology
  • Multiple Site capable
  • Multi vendors for “Market value” of equipment and service
  • Down BMS trend log Load Data
  • after hours Control
  • Billing Opportunities
  • Metering opportunities for energy, water, gas
  • Car park fan control, Carbon monoxide,
  • Various sensors including VOC to assist with NABERS assessments
  • Air Conditioning control and monitoring

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