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Live and work easier with an experienced Building Services Maintenance Team, with higher technical expertise and resources, to support your building’s Operations.

Your Building Services are tailored with you to prioritize key elements and disciplines to your Building.

Our Vision is to deliver the support you need with the operational excellence your facility deserves at the best possible budget.

Maintenance Team are employed by us, have the correct qualifications and licensing, and work under our CM3 Safety protocols, which are audited every year.



Your Peace of Mind is in the knowledge our team are employed tradespeople or experienced management professionals in building services and property maintenance.

Ensuring your assets are protected by knowledgeable and experienced personnel who understand the property they look after.
Our people are “hands-on” with plenty of practical experience, qualifications, and licenses to “get things done.”

We base our technical & trade services on the relevant Australian Standards to ensure all works, reporting, and documentation is compliant.



Our True value proposition for our clientele is bringing all the systems together in a single package.

Ensuring critical dates are met, all works are documented, Stakeholders are notified, and Safety processes are observed.

Pursuing Operational excellence in
delivering tangible results, serving our clientele in a way that gives back time to focus on core business activities.

Employ one or more systems and services to fit with your management style and directive, to support you in delivering results to the Commercial property Stakeholders and owners

Building Services Melbourne

Specializing in Commercial Property, we offer a scope of building services tailored to meet your site’s needs. Our office, located in South Gate, provides a scope of technical services, maintenance agreements, and support for our Commercial clients.

Having worked many years in construction, many of the buildings we now provide maintenance services for we were involved in the construction, in particular with the electrical or Automation (BMS) components.

Building Services Sydney

Our Head Office, located in Market Street, provides the hub we support our commercial property clients.
Ensuring diversity in disciplines and tangible results, we offer our Sydney clients the same tailored services from handyman to technical & trade services.

Our Commitment to Excellence Ensures Your Peace of Mind

Building Services

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