Building Management System
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Upgrade whist in Operation or as a holistic System refurbishment

Included Mechanical Electrical Systems and Switchboards in a Single Concurrent Project!

Building Management System Upgrades

Is your current Building Management System last century?
Are call-outs and repairs a continuous source of budget concerns?
Are you running out of patience with a system that is costing money in both repeat repairs and poor energy efficiencies?Building management system upgrade HVAC Main Plant project

We can offer specialized affordable refurbishment packages which include:

  • Whole or part system installation
  • “overlay” onto an existing System
  • Staged delivery and invoicing
  • Minimal interruption to Building Occupants
  • Night and after hours installation if required
  • Re-use of existing equipment and wiring where possible
  • Switchboard modifications by us (we’re licensed electricians)
  • IP and Internet costs included
  • E-mail and/or SMS and /or Dialler alarm notification
  • Extendable and flexible
  • Energy Efficiency (Energy Audit prior & post installation)
  • old and new technology integration (great for part system or staged upgrade over a budget period)

Refurbishment or an upgrade of your existing Building Management System is usually a straight forward and logical task with few typical challenges. We have delivered refurbished systems into a functioning and occupied buildings, including government, with little or no inconvenience to the tenants. Understanding the site’s operations and the tenants requirements is key.

Connecting to existing Control Equipment is straight forward, there is no need to refer back to the O.E.M vendor in most cases. Enough information is often available to trouble shoot a product and obtain an operational outcome.BMS Projects technician working in a control panel for mechanical services in a commercial building

Refurbishment BMS

Refurbishment is typically a straight forward process, usually there is little or no requirement to replace field equipment and/or Wiring. Given we are dealing with low voltages, cables can often be reused, however, if the environment is critical such as an operating theater or cool room, we would quote to replace the cables to ensure optimum accuracy of sensors.

Communications network

Clients looking to refurbish their existing building can often found savings in the preexisting BMS communications net work, subject to it’s age and condition, it may be reusable.

We have often found that the cables used for the old RS 485 Cable network, which is a twisted pair with a shield can be reused in BACnet network. Checks regarding core size and type (copper/aluminum or combination) but often, subject to distance, it will work, offering our clients a greater cos savings.

Existing Mechanical Services Switchboards

The Mechanical Switchboard will often have enough room inside for the new controller equipment, this saves our client dollars on additional external BMS panels and installation.

Upgrade from Pneumatic System

We can discuss for hours the inefficiencies of an aged pneumatic control system, and the strategy to upgrade or refurbish a pneumatic system, but there are some cost savings.

The Valve and valve actuators may have some life still left, especially the larger sizes. Given the cost of replacing a 60mm two vales and actuator, including labour is in the vicinity $3000 to $5000, if you have 10 or 20 of these valves on site it can add up to a significant sum in your budget.
Instead we can implement an “E to P” device, which converts an electric signal (form your new BMS) to a pneumatic signal to operate the valve.

In some regards it does defeats the purpose of an upgrade, as the inaccuracy of the pneumatic device and running a compressor is energy inefficient, however, over the passage of time, the pneumatic actuators are replaced with digital electric actuators and valves (if required).

building management system upgrade Mechanical HVAC Electrical Switchboard

Mechanical Services roof switchboard maintenance, repairs, upgrades and refurbishments

Analogue Control System Upgrades

Analogue systems have been strong and reliable over the years, but as they age the silicon in the transistor technology begins to break down and fatigue, creating inaccurate analogue values.

This creates a “ghost fault”. the problem or error is there one day, and gone the next. to add “salt to the wound” the transistor technology is sensitive to heat, hence we find these repeat “ghost faults” are more prevalent over summer and tend to disappear over winter.
Time for an upgrade.