Mechanical Switchboard Maintenance

Mechanical Switchboard Maintenance

Its quite inexpensive to perform your mechanical switchboard maintenance.
Many times we see switchboards in need of some basic, maintenance, which can potentially save Landlords and tenants HVAC equipment downtime.

The benefits to organising an inspection even just once a year, far outweighs neglecting the mechanical switchboard and saving a few dollars.

A mechanical switchboard maintenance will provide a return on investment that is both justifiable and environmentally conscientious.

Experienced, Qualified, Insured and Passionate Technicians

Your Mechanical services Switchboard is a fundamental item of equipment, which need to be regaurly inspected and checked.

Our Technician have a solid background in controls from basic relay control, to tridum, to BACnet and Lon Works Building management systems.

We understand the interfacing, we understand the configuration of the controllers and we have access to technical support for most brands of we need it.

Mechanical Switchboard Maintenance – Vintage

Keeping the “Vintage” mechanical switchboards in operational order will save you downtime and potentially a few dollars.

Modifying and extending the older “vintage” mechanical switchboards can be challenging, subject to the amount of “real estate” in the panel and if there is an asbestos gear plate.
Removal of old control gear and contactors can often increase the amount of “real estate” in the switchboard.

Keeping the carcus of the mechanical switchboard and removing all the interior including any asbestos gear plate is an option. the process can be completed in stages to keep the mechanical services operational as much as possible. and staggering costs.

An Electrical Sub-panel might also be used. These can be an inexpensive solution that avoids major shut downs and still keeps everything operational.

Every switchboard, every building and the goals for every Landlord varies. It is worthwhile to meet on site to review and gain an understanding, including risk and access to ensure an accurate price.

Testing and Terminals

During the Mechanical Switchboard Maintenance, a simple and very basic process of just tightening up terminals can prevent a major breakdown and the subsequent costs.

Loose terminals cost you in energy too.

Loose terminals can create a random stop/start of equipment. Each time the equipment restarts additional energy is used. this is both unnecessary and creates wear and tear on the equipment.

An electrical arc can occur between loose terminals, this creates overheating and control gear failure. add this costs to the energy and the wear and tear on the filed equipment from the stop/start there is quite an expense.

It takes just a few seconds to tighten up the terminals.

Safety First

This minor issue of a broken terminal on a circuit breaker is easy to see and easy to fix.
The safety issue is, it is too easy to brush your hand past and “ouch” a minor burn or much worse.

Varible Speed Drives

Mechanical Switchboard Maintenance includes checking some of the field equipment, in particular Varible Speed Drives (VSD).

While the mechanical switchboard is shut down during a maintenance, it is proactive to open up the variable speed drives and do a few basic checks including; –

✔ Cooling fan condition, clean dust and sediment.
✔ Heat sinks, make sure they are clean.
✔ Check terminals and all plugs are seated (including BMS connections).
✔ Check the shielded cable between the VSD and the motor, make sure it’s integrity is till intact ensure the RFI standards are complied with.
✔ Check volts and alarm messages on startup.

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