Trade Services

Commercial and Residential Trade Services including Fire, HVAC, Electrical and Controls.

Specialist Trade Services including vertical Rise, Carpentry, Glazers, Landscapers, and many others we use every day; there is a solution for your building’s unique requirements.

Trade Services, Technology Internally Resourced

Taking the hassle out of HVAC Mechanical Services Maintenance.

As part of our Integrated Maintenance Management scope of services, we offer Mechanical Services to take the hassle out of repairs and maintenance for our clientele. By delivering both services, along with electrical, energy management, fire and access control, we can deliver a holistic service for clients, increasing overall building performance and energy efficiency.

We can not only take the hassle out of the coordination of trades, but we can reduce your costs because you get your time back and less “layering”, as we employ our own crew.

Apart from the indirect savings of one team delivering a holistic service, the investment from us means it is in our interest to perform on all fronts. Keeping our promise of the benefits of building technology in both products and services.

Why Deal with Three or More Companies?

Why manage three or more company services when you can deal with one, all-inclusive, maintenance integration Company, with the technical hard stuff by employees, not sub-contractors? We are keen to keep and maintain your business for the long term, we have client relationships which, in some instances, are more the ten years young. You get the benefit of a company.

We Employ Our Own Trade Services Crew.

In providing integrated maintenance for buildings, we are one of the few who employ our own Electricians, Fire Services crew, HVAC Mechanical and Building Automation team. This saves you money and keeps us invested with you in the holistic outcome for the commercial or residential building.

Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

No doubt you are aware the Benefits of performing scheduled maintenance is extending the life term of the equipment and gaining energy efficiencies; when you engage us, we find the “grey areas” at the demarcation lines between trades.
For example, a simple Fan coil unit starts and stops intermittently. Is this an issue a controls BMS issue, or is it a faulty controller in a fan coil unit, or, is it a loose terminal inside the mechanical switchboard?

There are three trades in this description that is the HVAC Mechanic, the mechanical electrician and the controls / BMS technician. Call the three technicians at different intervals, creates additional administration fees, additional travel fees, and additional time, especially with a minimum of two hours, and, they need to communicate with one another effectively what is happening and when. If they are on another job, or an emergency breakdown, where does that leave the trade or technician who is on site now on your time?

Tired of dealing with the cumbersome nature of the “majors.”

We are a smaller company with a horizontal Hierarchy, which means you can deal with a key decision maker promptly.

No excuse Escape clause in our Trade services Maintenance Agreements.

Tying up our customers in legal contracts with complex escape routes and financial penalties is not something we do; if you are not satisfied with our performance, we ask for sixty days’ notice, and that is it. There is no burden of demonstrating a reason. If you are not happy, simply tell us, and we’re gone in 60 days.

Bespoke Trade Services

Developing and Maintaining a long-term business relationship with our clientele underpins your business and helps your business with reduced “shopping” and administration. Not all customers fit into the same box of scheduled services. Hence, we offer flexible arrangements which align with your business needs.

Benefit from Technology.

Our penchant for technology means our clientele are offered the best possible value from the latest technology, ideally inclusive of a “high-level interface” to communicate seamlessly with the BMS directly. This encourages better asset management and better energy Management. Consequently, developing an existing site for future “BIM” or Building Information Modelling” opportunities.