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Commercial Property Pre-inspections

For the Landlord or for the Tenant – The Brief:

The following outlines inspection criteria brief, for Commercial Property Pre-inspections, which provides a list of inspection considerations for commercial property from retail strip shopping to multilevel office buildings. The core of the inspection list relies upon two critical, the first being the provision of photographic evidence with a date stamp, and the second accessing areas real estate agents would not typically access including the roof, ceiling space, under the floor (data centers) and other similar areas.HVAC Mechancial Services Audit

Contractor’s License

We are licensed Electrical Contractors and Air Conditioning providers for installation, services, and maintenance.

Work Health and Safety

Our Construction experience combined with our facility services expertise provides you with the knowledge we are experienced and capable of accessing difficult areas in line with the WHS legislation and governing acts. We understand confined spaces, working at heights, and so forth. Accessing the roof to inspect air conditioning units, access the ceiling space to inspect the internal services such as ducts, air conditioning, fire, lighting, plumbing, and other ceiling space services and roof-mounted services is in a typical days work for our team.

WHS Systems, Equipment, Insurance

In our works, in Commercial Property Pre-inspections, we have the systems, equipment (such as fiberglass ladders), and the appropriate insurances for working in these hazardous areas. Our Business insurance is for $20,000,000:00 We also understand when activities can’t be done without specialized equipment or additional team members present, we will provide this information before any additional costs are incurred. 

Legislative Compliance

Commercial Property Pres-Inspections for Tenants and Landlords

We can assist with the following:

Basic Inspection

We define a basic inspection as that which you would find in the residential environment Pre-inspection shows many issueswhere items such as doors, walls, windows, kitchenettes, bathrooms and their chattels are inspected for condition and working order. Digital Photographs are always supplied. The “basic Inspection” is included as a part of our “global inspection”

Global Inspection

The Global inspection includes access the roof, basements, under floors, roof space, ceiling space, and other areas which may require specialized equipment and specialized experience in noting anomalies and/or potential risks in the services.

What do we look for?

We look for the following (but not limited to) conditions in our inspections:

  • Cleanliness
  • Operations
  • Genera physical condition
  • Likely hood of breakdown
  • Serviceability
  • Signs of Fatigue: Rust, Water, oil, burns, shape, noise, rub markings, stress, Age, Obsolescence
  • Compliance with legislation
  • Relevant documentation

Asset Register:

A typical asset register includes parameters such as:Pre-inspection in commercial property reveals maintenance issues such as water

  • Model number
  • Serial number
  • Cost to purchase
  • Cost to replace,
  • Obsolescence,
  • Life term,
  • Remaining life,
  • Expected failure Date

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