Facility Management Melbourne

Facility Management Melbourne: Melbourne is a spectacular city with “vintage” buildings and heritage classics in both commercial and residential areas. Facility Management of these classics, be the “A”, “B”, or “C” grade buildings, all deserve excellence in facility management services. Our goal is to provide our clients with the services, compliance and maintenance needed to keep these buildings running smoothly, safe and comfortable.

Integrated Facility Management

One Point of Responsibility

We offer you a choice: we can look after your services directly, or we can outsource these, including using your incumbent service providers. Every situation is different, and your agreement is tailored to meet your requirements and ensure a level of comfort moving forward.

At this site, we look after the fire protection services, the emergency and exit lights and the car park exhaust fans for the mechanical services.

Facility Management Melbourne

Technical and Trade

Our Core business

When we are asked to add building management services to support our client, the core motive is technical support. As primarily a trade and technical services provider, our skilled team can assist our building managers when they need it.

Unsupervise Buildings

Reporting and Documentation

Reporting and documentation are key to the success of any facility management agreement.

Add a few digital photos to the mix, and we have a clear picture of the job, the costs, the justification and the return on investment.

Documentation is the engine room of any facility management or trade-based business. Stakeholders are typically not on site and often in another city or country.

To support these key management clientele, we ensure documentation from us and from any subcontractor is detailed.


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