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Reactive maintenance/Run to Fail or preventative maintenance, which one and why?: Maintenance Strategy, which Type of Maintenance is the most suitable, and strategic? Facility Managers are engaged for many reasons, one of their priorities is to reduce costs and manage the site’s daily issues, so is a reactive maintenance process better than a proactive maintenance […]

Property Management Good, Fast, Cheap! Contractor Management “101” “Good, Fast, Cheap, choose any two!” Its an old “adage” in business which applies well in project management; to explain: In the project management role their is a necessity to hire various sub-contractors and professionals. The sub-contractors are providing engineering, installation and commissioning for building services such […]

Outsourcing Maintenance – DIY: (published in “hotel engineer”) Outsourcing Maintenance: The conversation went a little like this: “Who’s idea was that, that is like out sourcing the Engineers job, “what am I gonna all day?” and What about the manager that turns up, he doesn’t know this Hotel like I do, he doesn’t know the […]

HVAC Mechanical Services Audit Any audit is about saving money or understanding where money is being spent to reduce further loss; the HVAC mechanical services audit is essentially designed to serve this purpose, so, do you need an audit? and how much is it going cost? Discover Energy Conservation opportunities and know the estimated cost […]

Incoming Urgent Phone Call For Maintenance or Repair. Incoming Urgent Phone call for maintenance or repair, to panic or not to panic. In this article we have tried to offer just a few ideas to help to offer a system to establish what to do about an urgent maintenance issue which has come to your […]

Energy Bills Audit WIIFM (what’s in it for me) What’s this about? We must admit, the title of this post, Energy Bill Audit, sounds totally boring, but, this post will hopefully sow the seed for a process which, in these tightening economic times, will offer a chance to improve returns without a big spend. It’s about […]

Measurement and Verification – DIY Systems Integration, Asset register, Building Management System, Energy Management System, BIM, Measurement In a previous life these terms were mutually exclusive, they required different vendors, different software and varying degrees of mutually exclusive expertise. These terms had this “black box” specialized and expensive connotation, with single vendor “captive client” pricing […]