Building Services Audits

Ensuring the commercial Landlord is getting what they pay for, a maintenance audit will check and verify. clientele are provided with photos to demonstrate why conclusions have been reached. Results have given clientele an up lift in performance for existing contractors, improving overall building performance and obtain greater vale for money form their supplier.

Controls or BMS Audits

One of the greatest benefits in Auditing Control systems is there are often opportunities to improve energy management with minimal cost. Simple changes in code can deliver tangible results in the energy bill.

HVAC Mechanical Services Audits

Are those air filters being changed? Why are you getting repeat faults on the same equipment? Is that difficult to access Air conditioning unit being serviced as per the original agreement or is it being neglected because it is so difficult to reach? thee questions and more can be answered in a HVAC. mechanical services audit

Energy Audits

An Energy Audit will provide further information to the landlord to improve energy conservation in the facilitybuilding services audits

Technician performing programmed maintenance

Building Audits – Essential and Non-Essential Services, in particular, the services which support the building’s functions, offers the opportunity to create a “control point” from which the building is being measured from to improve it’s performance; to investigate it’s overall technological performance and where the opportunities are. Our Aim is to use the synergies between […]

HVAC Mechanical Services Audit Preinspections for Commercial PRoperty

HVAC Mechanical Services Audit Any audit is about saving money or understanding where money is being spent to reduce further loss; the HVAC mechanical services audit is essentially designed to serve this purpose, so, do you need an audit? and how much is it going cost? Discover Energy Conservation opportunities and know the estimated cost […]