Programmed Facility Services

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Scheduling maintenance, repairs, and projects. Monitoring and Optimizing Warranty Obligations of Contractors.

Ensuring Monthly, Quarterly, Six monthly, and Annual Maintenance and Certifications are completed on or before their due date.

Systemized and Prioritized

The Core function of Facility Management is to solve problems, with a programmed facility management maintenance regime, many problems are solved before they become an issue.

Communicating with Authorities

Its not just about getting the work completed, on or before due dates, but ensuring the relevant authorities know the work is done and systems are serviceable or any faults are in hand and being correctly and methodologically dealt with.

For Example

  • Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS submission to Fire brigade & Council)
  • Elevator plant operations (Council)
  • Backflow prevention (Council)
  • Complying Development certificates (Council)
  • ACP Management (Aluminium cladding panels)
  • Parking Compliance obligations (disabled & Levies)
  • Pressure Vessels testing (Council, every 2 years)

Optimizing the TechnologyProgrammed Facility Management Sydney Melbourne

Consider a programmed Facility management regime that reduces your costs.

  • Not every site has a or requires a full-time building manager. How do you monitor site attendance and completed works without turning up every five minutes.
  • Work place health and safety systems set up for all levels of  contractors using technology and third-party vendors
  • Submission of Documentation, including photos, by Contractors
  • Reporting documentation for landlords
  • Energy performance monitoring (not just the bills, but via the Building Management System metering)
  • People traffic (especially in retail shopping centres)
  • Janitorial responsibilities (Bathroom monitoring via technologies)

Optimizing Value from Contractors

Ensuring maximum value from contractors performance, setting up a programmed Facility management maintenance regime with systems which ensure contractors provide their documentation, with photos, and adequate descriptions before they are compensated for their works.

Facility Services ContractProgrammed facility manager signing contracts

Our Programmed Facility Services has simple and logical management contracts based upon Australian standards, for more information click here

In-House Technical & Trade Staff

With our background in Electrical, HVAC, Fire, and Controls, we can offer direct services or if you prefer, we can outsource these tasks. Either way, the benefit to you is our knowledge base of how systems work in a typical Commercial or residential apartment building.

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