Retail Maintenance Services

Fire Impression count. In Retail, your customer only has one opportunity to get the first impression, and the better the impression, the more likely they are to purchase and for you to receive repeat business.

In our experience, one of the greatest requirements from the retail industry is urgency. The team are typically focused on their tasks, and keeping the displays looking brand new, so maintenance, be that corrective or planned, is left until the last minute.

How we help our retail clients by setting up a schedule, and we remind you. This way, we can get in front of any potential issues, and our Technician is on-site to help your team.

Keeping up the best first impression possible for your clientele.

We know maintenance issues can also cost you lost revenue, more so than other businesses, because customers are so finicky. If the A/C is not working, customers walk out; if there is a stain, the customer takes a negative view; if there is a failed lighting system or part, customers cannot see or are left with a negative impression. We are here to help.

Car Parks to Plant Rooms

We offer you a range of Retail Maintenance Services, from Fire Protection services to pest control and many others. Our Background in Controls, Electrical, HVAC and Building Automation brings you a holistic service from which you choose what you need and what you want to do yourself.

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One Point of Responsibility

One phone number, one email address, and one account manager dedicated to your facility.

Your Retail Maintenance Services package gives you access to our buying power and resources, including access to specialised suppliers and in-house technical and trade staff.

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Unsupervised Retail Centres

Many of our customers have included shopping centres that are not managed by a full-time employee from the property manager, instead, they are unsupervised by security or the cleaning team monitoring the retail property emergencies or potential issues. We can offer several solutions all of which are based on our Job Management and Reporting System. This system includes the implementation of photos and reporting from the technician’s Mobile phone or tablet.

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