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Fire Systems In commercial Buildings

Routine Maintenance on Fire Systems

There are laws and statutory requirements, both from Local Council and Government, regarding the testing and maintenance of fire systems in commercial and residential apartment buildings.
Are your fire system maintenance records up to date and your system compliant?
Are your routine Fire System maintenance procedures in line with your building insurance?
Are you using a qualified company with certified technicians?
Essential Building Services including Fire Systems and their support systems need to be properly maintained water pumps

Passive Fire Detection and Sprinkler Systems

Any Fire System routine maintenance schedule should include (but not limited to) the regular testing and servicing of equipment such as:

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire Safety Blankets
  • Passive Fire detection systems
  • Sprinkler systems, including pumps pressures and peripheral equipment
  • Emergency Generators serving the fire System
  • Fire Brigade Auto Call
  • Fire Indication Panel Functionality
  • Supplementary systems such VESDA and Pre-action for data centers
annual Fire Safety Statement - fire hose real essential services

Fire Services

Maintenance Service Level Agreements

Service Level agreements for Fire systems should include, (but not limited too):

  • Test all relevant fire equipment as per Australian Standards
  • Test the Fire Systems, including field equipment, peripheral devices and Fire indication panel, as per Australian Standards
  • Repair and replace Fire System equipment and peripherals where necessary
  • Record all fire system works completed and issue relevant documentation
  • Requirements as per the Annual Fire Safety Statement for submission to Council
  • Record any and all anomalies which require attention

This is a very brief overview, more information can be found form the link below, if required

Fire Protection Association Australia….

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