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Outsourcing Maintenance Versus DIY Outsourcing Maintenance – DIY: (published in “hotel engineer”) Outsourcing Maintenance: The conversation went a little like this:“Who’s idea was that that is like outsourcing the Engineers job, “what am I gonna all day?” and What about the manager that turns up, he doesn’t know this Hotel as I do, he doesn’t […]

Measurement and Verification – DIY Systems Integration, Asset register, Building Management System, Energy Management System, BIM, Measurement In a previous life these terms were mutually exclusive, they required different vendors, different software and varying degrees of mutually exclusive expertise. These terms had this “black box” specialized and expensive connotation, with single vendor “captive client” pricing […]

Energy Management and a strategic Plan for Commercial Buildings The Simplest Strategic Energy Plan is sometimes the best, results are results! The Project saved over 8% on the previous January’s energy, yet it was the hottest January (2013) to date. Energy conservation, a strategic plan Our team were recently involved in a Chiller upgrade project […]