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Energy Conservation versus Profit? A privileged observation Energy Conservation can be at odds with Profit and overall performance of the building, so which one? Let us briefly set the scene. Picture a Conference room or function room, which has three solid form dividing curtains to split the room into three sub rooms as such. One […]

Eliminate the Corrective Maintenance False Economies in Commercial Property. All of these events creating false economies in corrective maintenance are easy to avoid, the methodology, is in the processes and procedures adopted by the facility management company. The first thought which comes to mind is the Building Manager and their role in the financial loss […]

Energy Management and a strategic Plan for Commercial Buildings The Simplest Strategic Energy Plan is sometimes the best, results are results! The Project saved over 8% on the previous January’s energy, yet it was the hottest January (2013) to date. Energy conservation, a strategic plan Our team were recently involved in a Chiller upgrade project […]

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