Essential Building Services

The Essential Building Services in your Building are fundamental to your building’s compliance, safety and ongoing occupancy.

Commercial Building Landlords and Strata Committees are constantly under pressure via legislation to take responsibility. How do you know everything is compliant, maintained and serviceable to the codes?

What are your obligations?

Did your “Annual Fire Safety Statement” (AFSS) pass?

Essential Building Services include Fire Systems, Generators, Electrical, Workplace Health and Safety and many more……
Legislative Compliance, Australian Standards, Council compliance, scheduled times and obligations.

Risk, this is what we are essentially talking about, reducing, mitigating and removing as much risk to you, your people, your business and the businesses that operate on your premises, including the business of simply living in an apartment building.

Forte asset services fire protection maintenace technician performing monthly preventative maintenace checks upon a sprinkler system header and alarm valves in Sydney

How do we help you in reducing Risk?

Our supply chain is an integral part of our business operations; expertise in essential specialized services is both a valued and a necessary commodity for building operations.

We call upon our supply team from time to time when there is clearly an opportunity to reduce your risk. We obtain quotes, refer to legislation or Australian standards or any other ruling body or document, bring the information to your attention and provide the appropriate recommendations.

Reducing your risk and improving the flow of operations is fundamental to successful building management and facility services operations.

Forte Team member on site performing fire services testing and maintenance

Are you aware of any scheduled requirements or any necessary actions based on legislation or code?

Typically councils and other authoritative bodies have time limits for compliance with  Australian Standards and/or legislative codes; the sooner any non-compliance is uncovered, investigated and resolved, the smoother it is to maintain facility operations. Any and all obligations, scheduled requirements, and so forth need to be understood as early as possible so all stakeholders are aware and all management can resolve any issue in an expedient manner; time is of the essence.

Fire Protection Maintenance

Is your building compliant with all the legislation and local codes?

Essential Building Services integrate with each other to work. For example, the Fire system will integrate with the BMS (Building Management System), the Mechanical Services Switchboard and the HVAC system. To explain:

In this example, in a general fire mode, a relay in the Mechanical services switchboard will activate. This will typically turn off the main air-handling units and start the smoke relief and stair pressurization systems. The interface to the BMS will send an alarm for the fire mode but suppress all the mismatch alarms to say the main plant has shut down (this stops annoying alarms in a fire event).

Add this to the integration with the elevators, the auto doors, and many others, depending on the building and the engineering. All these components are essential building services that need to be maintained and documented.

Do you have and use an asset register?

Unsupervised Buildings

Fire Protection Services

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