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Fixed Plant Management – Legal Obligations

Understanding you legal obligations for Council and Government compliance

Just a few questions for your thoughts, if you don’t know the answers, you need to call us…today.

Elevator Certification’s

Here are a few questions to ask your self,especially if you are self managing a commercial property.

  • Do the elevators need to be maintained in a scheduled regime?
  • Do the elevator have to be registered with an authority?
  • What level of maintenance must they have?
  • What happens in a fire?

Essential Services in Commercial buildings Elevator certificationWater Treatment

  • When are you obligated to provide water treatment against Legionnaires Disease

Plumbing RPZ Valves

  • What exactly is the RPZ valve?
  • Why do we need it tested every twelve months?
  • What happens if it fails?

Water tank Inspections

  • What water tanks do we have?
  • Why do they have to be inspected?
  • Where are they and what are they for?

Essential Systems for Life Preservation

  • Is the air condition system an Essential System?
  • When should we test the emergency lights”
  • What do we have to do for the fire stairs pressurization system?
  • Does the Fire System turn off the power?
  • How often is it tested and how thorough is the test?

Essnetila Services fire Sprinkler systemLease Obligations and Commitments

  • What exactly do I have to provide in certifications for the tenants?
  • If the tenant wants to build a new wall or make a new room do we have to notify council?
  • The tenant has a cooling system for their server room, what are the obligations?
  • Are the emergency lights for the tenant and the base building the same?

Anchor Points on the roof for Abseiling

  • How often do these points need to be tested?

Work Place Health and Safety

  • When Can we perform hot works in the building?
  • What if a contractor hurts himself in the building?
  • How many insurances do we need from contractors?
  • What do we need to provide to the contractors?
  • Do tenant contractors have to comply with the facility manager’s rules?

Ventilation minimum Requirements

  • If the Air conditioning stops, do we need to evacuate the Building?
  • The toilet exhaust fan should run 24/7 or just when the building is occupied
  • Should car park fans run when the roller door opens?
  • What are the Carbon Monoxide sensors for?
  • How often should the fans run and when?

Emergency Egress Systems

  • What systems need to comply and why?
  • Are the elevators part of emergency egress systems?

The Fire Stair comes to our attention,

  • Are you allowed to store equipment or any thing at all in the Fire Stair?
  • Are you allowed to use the fire stair as a daily method of egress form your office or apartment?
  • Are you allowed to wedge the doors Open?
  • Should door close automatically?

Health Care or Wellness Obligations

Safety is always a primary function, but, what are your obligations under the lease and under legislation?

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