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Fire Contractors Sydney: We offer a comprehensive range of products and services, including the inspection and testing for the annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS).

Mechanical Services (HVAC) are often found in the Safety Measures and need to be tested by accredited personnel.

Emergency Lighting and Exit Lighting may need a qualified and licensed electrician.

We are here to help you with these services and more (including plumbing, pumps, sprinklers, hydrants and many others)

Annual Fire Safety Statement – AFSS

The Annual Fire Safety Statement is typically a straightforward exercise when the site is well maintained, and there are no outstanding issues. With new Regimes of accreditations, audits, and governance, many sites need repairs. There is a process to avoid fines and still perform the repairs without meeting the AFSS due Date. Building our relationships with Council officers and fire safety co-ordinators helps you complete these processes with transparency and clarity – ask us how

fire protection system sprinkler head with water and flames

Fire System Maintenance

Your Fire Protection System needs regular maintenance, testing and inspections. Apart from the obvious benefits, regular inspections mean your repairs are discovered early and the costs distributed across the 12-month period to your AFSS.

fire protection system sprinkler head with water and flames

Essential Service – Emergency Lighting

The Australian Standards call for the Emergency Lights and Exit Lights in your building to be tested and inspected every six months.

The safety benefit is clear, but an indirect benefit is spreading repair costs across multiple periods between Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS). Technicians will also highlight opportunities for improvement, especially where there are no emergency lights in place and the standard calls for their installation

Exit Sign Emergecny Light Melbourne

Fire System Pump Sets

There are a variety of different pump sets and types which serve your fire protection system.

Some Pump sets are diesel fuel power, some are electric, and some are both; that is, the diesel motor and the electrical motor are connected to the same pump.

You need the experience and resources to properly identify and maintain this equipment.

Compliance with the relevant standards, including AS 1851, which is the basis for fire protection system maintenance processes and timelines.

Employee working on Hydrant Diesel Pump cooling System for client based in Sydney

Fire System Agreements

Every Fire protection maintenance agreement is tailored to you and the parameters of your site. Some buildings need a monthly visit, some need a visit every six months. This variable is subject to the equipment, and the guide from the Australian Standards AS 1851

Forte asset services fire protection maintenace technician performing monthly preventative maintenace checks upon a sprinkler system header and alarm valves in Sydney

Fire System Emergency Support 24/7

As Fire Contractors Sydney, we provide a 24/7/365 support for all our contract clients. There is always something happening 24/7, burnt toast sets off the smoke detector, and fire brigade arrives, or an overheight car hits a sprinkler head in the car park and calls the brigade. There are many different times when you need us, it’s not always during business hours, hence the 24/7 support.

fire protection services technician inpsecting fire sprinkler system installation Sydney

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