Building Management Systems (BMS)

Solutions from minor repairs to upgrades to new project installations

  • Multi-Brand
  • Tridium / Niagara AX
  • Bacnet
  • LonWorks
  • Some Proprietary
  • Small local control systems to entire site installations

Building Management Systems

Are you looking for a tailored solution to fit not only your building but your circumstances including budget and property configurations?

As electricians with an HVAC mechanical electrical background, we can do end-to-end systems with out the need to subcontract to other companies.

Frustrated trying to garnish an outcome that is in line with your Landlord’s expectations in both performance of the vendor and the performance of the Building Management System.

We offer integrated Facility Services, that is Mechanical Electrical, Fire HVAC, and Building Management Systems. You can choose. re-use incumbent suppliers or integrate via a performance agreement, or just do one discipline.

Building Management system integration into mechanical switchboard

Energy Management Systems

Stand-alone Energy Management Systems (EMS) are compatible with most Building Management Systems.

Consider extending your existing Building Management System via a high-Level interface to collect the data. Map this data into your graphics (new or existing).

Map the energy data into the application code of the Building Management System and create customized Control Diversity. Use this diversity to further improve energy conservation automatically.

Trend log your energy management data for future review to understand where the energy is lost at what time of day by which equipment. The opportunities for control refinement are revealed, further improving your return on investment.

There is also an opportunity to increase the overall value of the asset with the Nabers assessment results.

Energy Trend log

Air Conditioning HVAC Control

Are you looking to control the indoor environment of your commercial property more effectively, mindful of both energy conservation and meeting the lease conditions for your commercial tenants?

Improving the air-conditioning control and the energy management opportunities often go together; that is, if you improve one aspect the other discipline will be improved too.

There is more than one way to make improvements, the first stage is to start measurements and trend logs, and gain insights into the characteristics and idiosyncrasies of your commercial property and the habits of the tenants and visitors.

Main plant maintenance technical services for Air Handling Unit in independant plant room

BMS Lighting Control

Bring the lighting control in line with the air conditioning or HVAC control. The energy savings can be significant. Simple strategies such as an occupancy sensor for meeting rooms shuts of the air conditioning while the room is unoccupied, saving both the tenants and the Landlord energy costs.

Car park LED lighting supply, installation and maintenance Sydney

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