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Why Choose Us?

We Help You Gain an Edge on Your Competition.

Our Extensive Experience in Technical Services in Commercial Property, we make buildings work.

With our Foundations in Commercial Building Controls, BMS and Automation, we have a unique insight into commissioning and maintaining buildings as a single holistic system.

This Core Compenancy in bringing the global services, within the facility, together for optimal effectiveness with minimal over layering or “doubling up”.

A Building is a combined effort of various services, a minor change in the right place can cost nothing, yet make a huge difference in the operations performance of the building, the proof is in the ledger. We know we can deliver our clients an “edge” over their competition. Best Company for Technical Services in Commercial Property banner

How are We Different From Our Competition?

Our genesis is not from a textbook at university and we are not from the real estate industry. Our foundations comes from years of experience in technical services in commercial property in Engineering, Trade, Maintenance and Construction.

We know how buildings work, we know how most tenants “think”, and we know what a “P and L” statement means to a commercial building Landlord.

Our Point of Difference is in our technical knowledge to optimize existing opportunities to maximize returns for our client.

We Are Far Less Cumbersome to Deal With.

Our background in construction gave us the foundations to establish and expand scale able systems and processes which avoid cumbersome and truncated processes. Our experience has taught us to use technology, and derive a more expedient process to develop a system our company can “lock in” to serve our clients better.

Just a few Quick Hi-Lights of What We Have Achieved for Our clients in the Past.

  • North Sydney building, 1970s, 3 star Nabers assessment raised to 4.5 starts, cost, less than $10,000 over a 12 month period.
  • Shopping center, monthly energy bill reduced from circa $15,000 to $8,000, cost, less than $10,000, took one day.
  • 2000 meter Data Center reduced energy bill by $3,300 per month.
  • Sydney CBD 1970s Building, Reduced the Boiler Upgrade costs from $200,000 + to just $85,000
  • Major Car Park monthly energy Bill halved by installing Variable Speed Drives
  • CBD Hotel Chiller Upgrade Project saving more than $10,000 in energy in the first month of operation
  • Reduced the Gas bill to Nil for 5 months of the year for 15 level CBD Building
  • Fire Indication Panel upgrade project for $160,000 delayed by 10 years by spending $15,000 on the correct equipment and extending it’s life term


We can talk about our services and lead you to other parts of our web site which demonstrate our expertise, but, lets be honest, you’re short on time and you have a pressing meeting to prepare for.
Place a call, make an appointment with the receptionist and we’ll have a coffee, and we’ll work out very quickly if we are good fit.

We know every dollar counts, and we know every tenant counts.
Feel Free to read some testimonials from some of our clients.
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