Fire Protection Services

Workplace safety is paramount for any responsible employer or Landlord. Forte Asset Services Fire Protection services, Maintenance, repairs, upgrades, monthly services, Annual fire safety statements; Sydney and MelbourneMaintaining your Fire protection Services and keeping fire protection equipment and systems in good working order is critical to fundamental safety for staff, visitors and the general public.
A core requirement is to ensure all fire safety equipment complies with Australian Standards.

Fire protection standards exist to ensure your building’s fire safety equipment and systems are fully functional at all times.
Your Fire protection services should be top of mind for any Landlord, employer, strata manager or anyone else whom is responsible for the safety of property and personnel.

Fire Protection Services Include:

  • Fire System Monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly and annual maintenance
  • 5 yearly maintenance overhauls
  • 10 Yearly maintenance Overhauls
  • 25 yearly maintenance overhauls
  • Upgrades for Fire Indication panels
  • System modifications and Extensions
  • Emergency Lighting 6 monthly Testing, upgrades and Repairs
  • Regular Maintenance and repairs for Hydrants, Sprinklers systems
  • Electrical Repairs including Sprinkler pump control, hydrant pump control and FIPs
  • Programming for Fire indication panels
  • Essential services Maintenance and repairs for the Mechanical HVAC plant
  • Testing and repair to Mechanical HVAC plant
  • and many others


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