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the Single Source Supplier Convenience

How convenient would be to just keep one phone number and talk to the same account manager, it’s easier for you and it easier for us. One person whom knows your facility and whom is invested in successful outcomes for the services we deliver. There are no additional fees, its how we structure our business and our accounts.

Helping business people succeed by gaining the greatest performance from their commercial property

Perhaps there are some opportunities for improvement, we know there are, which is why we are in business.
We know we can deliver a more cost effective service, but more importantly, a service where transparency and dialogue are common place.

Single Source Supplier for Facility management and asset services

Project Delivery

We offer many services some of which are internally procured and some are external, our valued supply chain is one that is vetted and we have used for many years.
Our foundation is in Construction and the Trades, we are consequently very aware of how to perform contract administration, Work Place Safety, and optimize value for best possible outcome for the best possible price.

Building Management

Building Management encompasses one of the most important responsibilities of the Facility Management space; We understand and respect the importance of effective reporting, administration, operations and performance. Understanding the asset and understanding the key objectives required by our client for their investment success is the foundation to a long term business relationship.

We know the selection of any company, which you engage to serve for your Building Management, must offer trust and transparency.

We take this responsibility seriously. We vet all employees, all contractors, maintaining privacy compliance, and insist upon police checks.

Building Services Management

Building Services Management can be tailored to specific services for your facility and delivered in a total holistic agreement. The strategy and the delivery depends upon your objectives and the facility needs to maintain operation.

Typically, we offer our Building Services Management with a single point of responsibility, this encompasses the synergies between the differing The easiest way in via a single source supplier whom is invested in youbuilding services, trades and reduces any strain on building resources.

There are many facets to the Building Services space, including maintenance management, project management, long term and short term objectives and the tenants whom use the facility. Some of our clients engage us for a few services, while others engage us for the complete repertoire.


We understand risk and risk management in the facility management of any site. Compliance to Australian Standards, Building Code of Australia, council regulations, legislation both state and federal, and work place health and safety; are imperative to successful management of any site. Our


We deliver a straight forward service, easy to understand reporting and language, digital photos where ever possible and we are diligent to details. This offers clear and concise reporting, specifications and instructions for both our staff and our client.

Our Facility Management team are results driven; diligence is the core dependable from our team, to deliver results and innovative ideas to Values in TEchnical Services maintenanceproblem solve on site, improve operations, and deliver business opportunities for our client.

Our first responsibility to our client is compliance, our second is to run and maintain the asset at the most cost effective strategy possible based upon the clients objectives and priorities.

Our team and our supply chain are our most valued commodity for serving the needs of our clientele; we have access to those professionals whom have the knowledge and expertise to deliver successful and legislative compliant results, including compliance for local government, workplace health and safety, Australian standards, fire and essential services.

Talk to us about how we can include waste management as part of a holistic Facility Services vision for your site.

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