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A few Facility Management Facts and Terms, with a little facility management jargon added to the mix.

This is just a few of the ever growing list in Facility Management Jargon and Facility Management Facts and Terms.
The industry as ever evolving and in a constant state of flux, which is one of the core reason we are passionate about facility management and services.
We publish these Facility Management Facts and Terms over time, some you will know, without a doubt, most are commonly used in commercial and residential facility services.
Facility Management Facts and Terms | Facility and Building Management Services

  1. Asset Register

    In Facility Management, an asset register is a database: there are as many variations as there are buildings, but, in general, an asset register has the following parameters at a minimum.

    • Tracking or ID number/code
    • item ID/name
    • Item description
    • Supplier/manufacture
    • Serial/model number
    • Date of Purchase
    • Cost of Purchase
    • Expected life term,
    • End date of life term
    • expected replacement cost
  2. Procurement
    • Market Value
    • Tender Management
    • Negotiation
    • Supplier checks
    • verification
    • Scope of works
    • Engineering
    • Statutory Compliance

    Obtaining “best market price” for a given scope, ensuring an “apples for apples” request for quote is a core process. Our experience in the construction industry ensures fairness and value.

  3. Maintenance Management

    Sustainability is no longer a trend, its a fact of life; we incorporate sustainability objectives and performance measurements. Delivery is to be verified which creates accountability on the part of our service providers.

  4. Property Services
    • General Cleaning
    • Floors, Hard and Carpet cleaning
    • Kitchenette services
    • Office Cleaning
    • Office Maintenance
    • Windows and Glass
    • Waste removal
    • Car parks
    • Ad Hoc Handyman Repairs
    • Gyp rock repairs
    • Painting
    • Furniture Relocation

    We provide typical maintenance services as well as specialized technology and software. Our specialty is technology, we implement technology wherever it can be used as en effective resource to reduce costs or conserve energy.

  5. Trade Services

    Trade services are provided both internally and externally. our Trade back ground ensures our clients receive what they pay for and warranty is always followed up for maximum benefit.

  6. Building Management

    Our People are “hands-on” wherever possible, on site experience in Engineering issues as well as safety and effective customer liaison are paramount in the people we employ.

  7. Statutory Obligations
    • Legislative Compliance
    • Building Energy Efficiency Act
    • Nabers
    • CBD Lighting
    • Fire Codes
    • Occupational Requirements
    • Council Requirements
    • Property Acts
    • Work Place Health and Safety
    • Common Property

    Facility Managers need to keep on their game, staying on top of legislation, continuing education and keeping up with their colleagues.

  8. Building Services Audits
    • HVAC Audits
    • BMS Audits
    • Lighting Control Audits
    • Lamp Audits
    • nabers assessments
    • CBD Lighting Assessments
    • Energy Audits, Levels 1,2 & 3

    Audits are for verification for performance as well as keeping in touch with the facility’s assets wear and tear. Safety walks, Energy Audits, HAVC audits and more, many of these are included in our agreements.

  9. Energy Systems
    • Energy Management Systems
    • Energy Monitoring and Automated reporting
    • Energy Metering of Electrical Power, Gas, Fluid Energy
    • Electrical Generator Monitoring
    • Remote internet Access
    • Energy verifications
    • Energy Conservation strategic Planning
    • Reporting, recommendations and costs

    “Return on Investment” from technology and delivering results. Results are not just in the energy bills but in the NABERS rating, retention of tenants, higher rent yields and overall performance of the building.

  10. Data Centres
    • CRAC Unit Maintenance
    • UPS Maintenance
    • Energy Conservation
    • Emergency Call out
    • HVAC Room Automation
    • Remote Alarm Notification
    • Statutory Compliance
    • Equipment redundancy
    • Emergency Operations and Procedures
    • Shut Down and Power Up
    • Emergency Power Supply

    Building facilities typically incorporate at least one data centre, which is critical to the virtual operations of the tenants business. The Facility management, of any data centre, should consider all these items with procedures and policy to facilitate the critical elements, which, serve to maintain a data centre or “Comms Room” at optimum reliability.

  11. Anuual Fire Safety Statement

    The Annual Fire Safety Statement has several disciplines, including (but not limited to) the following

    • Fire Indication Panel Operation
    • Hydrant Pumps
    • Sprinkler Pumps
    • Stair Pressurization systems and Performance
    • Fire Doors
    • Smoke detectors
    • EWIS
    • Mechanical Air Conditioning System control and/or shut down
  12. Building Management & Control System

    BMCS or BMS or BAS(building Automation System is the micro processor based system which controls the mechanical services air conditioning, lights, and Energy Conservation.
    There are other opportunities for monitoring including High Level interface to Chillers Elevators, energy meters, and other major equipment in the building.
    Typical considerations when discussion the BMS include (but not limited to)

    • Communications Protocols, such as Bacnet,Lonworks, Modbus, Sedona
    • Network back bone configuration
    • Open Platform WEb Servers – Tridium Jace
    • Digital Controls
    • Heating Hot water valves, Chilled water Valves
    • Operator’s Terminal software or Head end
    • Digital Input, Analogue Input, temperature sensors

    There of course many more, too many for this list, but we can help as our foundations are in the BMS industry

  13. Preventative Maintenance Agreement

    Usually these agreements are taken up with sub-contractors providing a specialized service such as the mechanical services for the air conditioning.
    These agreements typically do not include parts and labor for repairs or breakdowns, these are an additional cost to the preventative maintenance agreement.

  14. Comprehensive Maintenance Agreement

    Comprehensive Maintenance Agreements typically include parts and labor for repairs and breakdowns, including after business hours. Its important to ensure the parameters of these agreements meet with the expectations of the client as they can often exclude any after hours or ongoing modifications or updates. Updates for software and firmware which operate the system.

  15. Vendor Management

    The vendor, such as an electrical services provider, a cleaner, or even a lift mechanical services provider need management. Management ensures the building recives the proper attention it requires form the discipline and that the vendor is also looked after. Considerations to the following:

    • the appropriate scope of works is completed for each service maintenance visit
    • all trades people are competent
    • all safety systems and documentation is received and present
    • the Vendor has charged the correct amount on their invoice
    • the vendor is paid coreectly
    • the terms of the agreement are adhered to by both parties
    • the vendor is in good business / financial condition
  16. Legislation
  17. Principle Certifying Authority (PCA)

    The Environmental Planning and Assessment 1979 Act requires a PCA to be appointed before commencement of work on a development site.

    The PCA is the company which do the paper work, inspections and similar, to ensure compliance to Australasian standards, codes and relevant statutory obligations.

    A development site includes the considerable scope of what might be defined as minor works, in a commercial building; for example, a tenant, whom wish to remove a wall between two adjoining rooms, to make a single, larger room, them the tenant is still required to go through the PCA processes, including the appointment of the PCA and complete the paper work to council, including the CDC.

  18. Asset Management – Accounting and Engineering

    Fiscal Management in Commercial buildings

    Asset Management

    In general terms, when we are discussing budgets, fiscal terms, leasing, and commercial property management, the crew will often refer to “the asset”. this is the building as a unit, as an investment vehicle which produces income and hence is an asset to the owner / Commercial Landlord.

    Operations Management in Commercial Buildings

    Fixed Asset Management

    When we are talking with the consultants, the trades people, the engineering crew, the asset is the fixed physical asset, for example, major plant equipment, “the asset has had a major fault develop as a result of poor maintenance”.
    It’s still an asset per se, as the land lord has invested into the plant equipment to support the building’s services, the difference is in the Engineering circles its the physical fixed plant equipment which is often being referred to.

  19. Incentive

    Rental Incentive

    Commercial Real Estate agents use this term often when discussing the lease of a property. As the word implies, its to encourage the prospective lessee to move forward with the deal. The Rental incentive might take the form of a reduced rent for the term of the lease (expressed as a percentage of the gross amount) or a rent free period, or a financial contribution to the tenants fit-out of the premises. Free parking within the building might be offered. Incentive is the “sweetener” to the deal, which has a direct benefit to the potential tenant to get the deal over the line.

  20. Computerised Maintenance Management System – C.M.M.S


    Often called the “Work Order System”, some times (and incorrectly) called the Building Management, System and a host of other titles and acronyms.
    Its is typically based on the asset register of the building, assigning and tracking work orders, faults, complaints, costs, models, defects, age, and other relevant data which correspond to the fixed physical assets in the building, such as chillers, fire systems, switchboards, elevators and so forth.

    The CMMS is only as good as the data which is put into it. The Landlord might purchase the most sophisticated and advanced system in the world, but if the data is wrong or not concise, then issues can “snowball” into bigger issues unnecessarily. Making sure the data is concise and a process of labeling and identify components is the same throughout the building management team, then there is every chance the system will work well.

  21. Predictive Maintenance

    based upon data, a computerized system will signal the required for an item of equipment requires a service call for regular maintenance, based upon a set of parameters entered into the system.

    Integrating the Building Management System, which can trend log the hours major plant equipment is running and the load it is under, with a data base of O.E.M (original equipment manufacture) parameters can automatically flag via email or other means when these parameters have been reached to initialize a maintenance call for that major plant equipment.

    Building Management System analytics can monitor these parameters producing alarms to the building operator to investigate further why a item of equipment is performing (or not performing as the case may be) out side the parameters of the analytical software, consequently predicting the need for additional maintenance

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