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Retail Property Facility Services

The Retail environment is Competitive and demanding. You need a company who has the experience and team to handle the daily grind and Know the technical systems in your facility.
A company whom has the buying power, the technical and trades people on staff, and the Resources to get things done at price which is competitive and fair.

Why Consider Us to Help you with your Retail Property Facility Services

Here are nine quick reason to look further and consider us for your next retail property facility services provider.

  • We have technical 7 Trade Staff
  • Construction BackGround (Trade)
  • Trade Accreditations and Licenses
  • Dedicated & Experienced Team
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Tailored Agreements with you
  • Easy Escape Clause in Our Agreements
  • Clear & Transparent Invoicing
  • Cloud Based Job & Services System

“UnManned” or Off Site Management

Is your Retail Centre are Managed remotely, that is, the centre management is off site?
Our Retail Property Facility Services can help you with this via our cloud based systems, QR Codes, logging systems, site inductions and the CM3 Workplace heathy and safety systems.

Every site is different and may only require minimal support while others require a little more. Each and every site is tailored, subject to what facility services you need from us.

Three core Benefits with using Our Team

Cleaning & Security

We Can include these services as part of an overall package, in a tailored agreement providing one point of responsibility with technical, trade and sift services support. We have many clients whom chose to do the security and cleaning directly themselves, while we provide the technical and trade support . Entirely upto you, it’s your suite of facility services and we tailor it to meet your site’s requirements.

Emergency Call Out

We have team available 24/7 to assist with any requirement, from tenants locking themselves out, to a burst pipe, to a tripped circuit breaker to the air conditioning not working as it should.
we have Help Desk support for those matters which occur after hours (or during hours) but need attention immediately but the next business day will get the tenant out of trouble

Trade & Technical Staff

Your Retail Property Facility Services are in safe hands with the expertise and experience of our team.
Our Technical expertise is your real asset in these competitive and challenging times.
Our Competitors “layer” these services, while we are offering these directly as part of any agreement, these trades are part of our team.
This includes General Electrical, HVAC electrical, HVAC mechanical services, Automation / BMS and Fire Protection.

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