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Management Contract

Our Simple Facility Services Management Contract is Based on Australian Standards (AS 4900)

Our Facility Services Management Contract is Tailored to YouManagement Contract | Service level agreements for facility managers

Property Management and Asset Management can be difficult task at the best of times. To help you access services easily and quickly we keep our Building & Facility Services Management contract simple and logical. They are always based upon the Australian standards, keeping the clauses familiar and easily understood.

We Invite Special Conditions

Every Building is unique, and the structure which the building is managed in, is also unique.

We invite our Clientele to let us know if there are special clauses they need included in any management contract. Special Clauses for “Limitations of Liability” or for the arrangements of a trust or company.

Simple Escape Clause

We offer our clientele a simple escape clause, if they no longer wish to work with us.

Management Contract | Single Source Supplier for Facility management and asset services

There is no requirement to provide reasons, or a limited window of time to change your mind. We just ask for 30 to 90 days notice (subject to the service or discipline we are providing)  and we conclude our arrangements.

Special Offers

We regularly make special offers to attract new clientele. These offers are detailed in our facility management contract so you are secure in the knowledge we will fulfil our obligations to you.

Special offers we may include:

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