Managing an Apartment Complex

Managing an Apartment Complex

What is Involved in Managing an Apartment Complex?

Managing an Apartment complex | Residential apartment building management in Melbourne


There are core responsibilities for the duties and tasks a building manager has to perform in their daily activities.

  • Ensure compliance with the strata rules and laws of the site
  • Safety for all visitors, occupants, landlords, and all stakeholders
  • Reporting, typically to the strata manager and the executive committee / body corporation
  • Satisfactory completion of maintenance, repairs and replacement of any fixed assets or plant and equipment.

Who is Managing the Building Manager?

The Building Manager, ensuring their responsiblities are met, has a set of tasks to perform as part of their daily duties, but, who do they answer to?

  • Strata Manager
  • Building Management Company Executive
  • Tenants and visitors
  • Owner Occupiers and Landlords
  • Executive Committees / Owners Corporation

Main Plant and Equipment

A typical apartment complex will have significant main please and equipment. This equipment will have Important dates for certification, which includes full function testing and compliance reporting to the relevant Australian Standard.

Main plant equipment, in an apartment complex, which a building manager needs to ensure full functionality, and critical date compliance testing by contractors. here is just a few which would include fixed physical assets such as:Managing an Apartment complex | Forte Building Manager residential Building

  • Elevators and vertical rise
  • Aquatic centres / swimming pools
  • Access Control Security Systems
  • Environmental Control and Automation Systems
  • Automatic garage Doors and entrance front doors
  • Fire Protection Systems and services such as:
    • Fire Control rooms
    • Sprinkler Installations, pumps, and peripherical equipment
    • Hydrant Installations, pumps, hose reels, landing Valves
    • Passive smoke and Fire detection systems
    • Emergency Lighting
    • Paths of Egress
    • Stair Pressurizations systems
    • Evacuations and early warning systemsForte Building Management Janitorial floor cleaning
  • Security Patrols
  • Key card and key access systems
  • Fire Doors, access doors and windows
  • Emergency Lighting, general lighting
  • Public announcement systems
  • Electrical Distribution switchboards and peripheral equipment
  • Domestic Hot water systems
  • Potable water systems
  • Roof and safety Anchor points
  • Back flow valves
  • Drainage and sump pumps
  • Sewer and storm water control / performance
  • HVAC Mechanical services such asApartment complex basement car parks
    • Chillers
    • Water pumps
    • Cooling Towers
    • Controls & Automation
    • Switch boards & Motor Control Centres
    • Exhaust and Supply Fans
    • Cooling Equipment
    • Heating equipment (boilers and Pumps)
    • Valves
    • Fan coil Units
    • Air Handling units

Tenants, visitors, Occupiers and Contractors

Managing an apartment complex requires the management team to ensure people can use the complex with minimal interruption, minimal risk to their safety and maximum enjoyment.Facility manager signing a contract

Strata Managers

Regardless of how the building manager is employed, be that via the strata manager, the executive committee or by a third party building management company, the Building manager must report to the strata manager. Why?

The Strata Manager is the “Banker” and the “Policeman” of the site. To do their job, they need information, which is delivered by the building manager. What kind of information?

  • Main plant and equipment Critical dates
  • Maintenance issue which have arisen,
  • Costs of any repairs or maintenance
  • Progress and completion of repairs and maintenance (photos and reports are often required)
  • Safety issues, equipment repairs, compliance and rectification if required
  • Budgets for forth coming fixed asset replacement / repairs
  • Sub-contractor performance and management

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