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    Residential Caretaker
    Apartment Building Manager

Residential Caretaker
Apartment Building Management

Residential Building Manager

The Residential Building Manager or Building Caretaker for residential apartment blocks, typically Strata titled, can improve the reputation and even the value of an apartment block. Excellent maintenance processes and first class personal interaction to ensure all residents, occupiers and owners are satisfied with the performance of the Residential Building Manager.


Your Apartment building is your home, your primary investment, your first priority in your financial management.
To manage the apartment complex, a reliable team with “back of house” support, 24/7 contact (with a person, not a menu list) with consistent performance and representation on site.

Residential Building Manager for Facility management and asset services in residential buildings

“Key Performance Indicators”


Residential Building Management staff whom are resourceful, budget conscious, understanding of occupiers and owners, and understanding of Strata laws wherever possible. This is paramount to a successful long term arrangement with our residential clientele.
We know experienced Team members are critical to our business success and your apartment building’s operations and reputation. Hence vetting and training is a fundamental part of our residential management and operations.

Tenant apartment building cleaning

Contractor co-ordination

Our building managers are familiar with coordinating various trades and suppliers from the electrician to the cleaner to the elevator mechanics to the Glazier. We have sub-contracted any trades over the years, we have a strong database of preferred contractors as well as a team of technical people ourselves.

Specialized Services

Looking after very specific assets such as:

  • Gyms
  • Pools
  • Sauna
  • Concierge
  • Car Park Stacking
  • Chillers
  • HVAC and many others

Residential Building Manager facility management requirements

Add Value Services for our Apartment building Clients

  • Building Managers and Building supervisors / Caretaker
  • Portfolio / Account Manager
  • Operations / Engineering Manager
  • Maintenance Co-ordination
  • Service Level Agreements, inclusive of performance indicators and sustainability indicators
  • Reporting, inclusive of digital photos,
  • Essential Services Certifications (Inc, Fire & Elevator)
  • Compliance to legislation and statutory requirements
  • Direct trade services
  • After Hours Emergency Response
  • Budget monitoring

About our Building Management

We help Landlords, Strata Manager, Executive Committees, Owners Corporations and Property Managers improve and enhance the value of their assets, with comprehensive and proactive building management strategies and maintenance services across all property types, we optimize and streamline operations, reduce your costs, minimize your risk and drive quantifiable budget performance.

We can provide, at competitive rates:

  • Onsite building manager – Scope of works are tailored to your specific site and requirements.
  • Building Manager’s  Scope can include – daily tasks such as, walk-throughs, supervision of contractors and general site inspections, liaise with occupants and tenants, attend body corporate meetings and budgeting.
  • Building Systems Compliance – It is the responsibility of the building manager to ensure the building is fully compliant with a annual fire safety, lift and contractor compliance in accordance legislative laws.
  • Maintenance – The building manager is responsible for the supervision of all maintenance and repairs
  • Safety (WHS) – Our Building Manager must ensure all contractors, visitors, and suppliers comply with onsite WHS requirements, perform inductions where necessary, complete documentation and on-site processes and that the work is completed on time and within budget.

Hands on building residential management

“Hands-on” Building Management

There are times when we can’t wait for a technician and we need to make something safe. Our people are typically trade qualified. this saves you money, both directly and indirectly, especially when there is an emergency.
Call to day fr more information for our Residential or commercial building management.

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