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Why Choose us for your Building Management?

Building Management Handover

Looking to switch your Building Management Team?

If your current Building Manager isn’t living up to your expectations, switching is easy.
Building Management handover with a skillful management team

Shop around for quotes

  • Create a scope of works (we can help you with this, check out these pages)
  • Create a “RFQ” Document (Request for quote which includes the scope of works)
  • Make some calls and send some emails, to prospective vendors in the industry
  • Create a comparison table of the what you think is the top 3 viable contenders for best value for money
  • (remember you pay for what you get.)
  • At your Annual General Meeting, you can call a motion to make the change for the Building management.

The building management company can work directly for the Body Corporate or Executive Committee.

There is no requirement for the building manager to work directly under the Strata manager in a sub-contract arrangement. The structure is up to the EC or the Body Corporate.

Forte Asset Services will provide a hassle free transition from old building management to the new, Our teams are skillful at performing a full audit of your building and its’ operations.

In addition, any concerns you might have with the local knowledge of your building’s history and idiosyncrasies becoming lost, with the changing of the Building Managers, is significantly reduced.

Similarly, we ensure this with our handover process, check lists, and meeting with relevant sub-contractor vendors.

How Do We Help you With The Handover?

  • The Handover process typically takes our team about a week.
  • Firstly, we use a check list system on site, to ensure we cover everything from the poolside BBQ, to the Roller door for the car park.
  • Secondly, we ensure the idiosyncrasies are captured by talking to existing vendors, to establish history and characteristics of your building.
  • It is not a requirement the previous Building Management team stay on the for the handover. Our team has the experience to work out what is going on and where it goes.
  • And thirdly,  a senior Facility Management personnel is on the site at the start of every new agreement, to ensure your building handover goes as smoothy as possible.

So What is Next?

Feel free to give us a call or an email for a no obligation quote or an opinion upon how to move forward with a change of your building management.

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    Building Management Handover

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