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Building Management
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Building Management Services

Commercial And Residential Apartment Buildings

  • We offer a holistic service including internal procurement of technical trades, handy-man, and Energy Management.
  • Our Building Managers are typically trade background offering a “hands on” approach and efficient communication with trades and suppliers
  • We offer a “No Reason” 60 day termination, if you are unhappy with our services, no contractual “loading or escape fees;
  • We provide Facility management for contract administration, trades and supplier management, procurement processes and financial controls
  • Asset management includes the creation of an Asset register for major equipment and essential services, including Fire and HVAC
  • Experience personnel, Police checked, vetted and annual performance reviews to ensure our long term business relationship with you
  • Monthly reporting and liaison with the landlord, property manager, strata manager and executive committee as required and included

Building Manager's Resource

Building Management | Flexible Hours

Your Building is unique, the occupiers and their daily requirements are unique and your reporting requirements are unique.

Talk to us today about how we can tailor a package which will meet your needs, budget and expectations.

  • is your Current vendor providing enough documentation and evidence work is being completed?
  • is your current vendor experienced in the technical trades and can offer competitive pricing via internal procurement?
  • can you existing vendor over see the annual fire safety statement and include this as part of the Building management package?
  • can you escape easily from the contract if you are dis-satisfied with any performance issues?
  • is your current vendor “invested” in the out comes of maintenance and repairs
Building Caretaker with his Asset register

Building Management

Portfolio Management

Multi-site, buildings, commercial or residential offers the opportunity to provide a greater more dynamic range pricing and management scenarios to reduce your costs and improve functional operations performance of the buildings.
We can tailor a package which meets your most immediate concerns:

  • Environmental performance
  • Financial performance
  • Tenant and occupant relationships and correspondence
  • On site presence and proactive response
  • After hours emergency call outs
  • Trades and contractors buying power
  • to name a few…

Building Management Predictive maintenance environmental responsibility

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    Building Management
    Sydney | Melbourne

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