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Fixed Asset Register

Is Your Building’s Fixed Asset Register Working For You?

If you keep putting it off (and we all do) consider a few points:Fixed Asset Register includes all emergency Lights

  • Are you performing repetitive repairs on the same fixed asset?
  • Should the fixed asset register be completed / audited by a third party, removing any conflict?
  • Is this effecting you depreciation schedule?
  • Are the life terms of the equipment edited to the current year or month?
  • Do you have active software which updates in line with daily activities?
  • Has all new equipment been included?
  • Is the obsolete equipment, which has been updated or replaced, included?

Your Building and Requirements are Unique

We Tailor the depth and parameters to meet the budget and goals you require for your fixed asset register.

Maintenance Regime

We can also under pin the register with a recommended maintenance regime and expenditure budget for future maintenance and upgrades / replacements

What is the Cost for a Fixed Asset Register

Every Building and Facility has different set of equipment and requirements from the results and on going up keep of their fixed asset register. hence the cost will move, not just with different sites, but, at the same site depending on the depth and width of the asset register.
Lets look at a few of the variables:Fixes Asset Register variables for Facility Management in Commercial Property

Lets Look at the horizontal Parameters:Fixed Asset Register - HVAC Mechanical Services

  1. Expected Life term
  2. Model, serial number,
  3. Date of installation
  4. Cost at Installation
  5. Estimated cost to replace (including building works)
  6. Remaining life term
  7. Maintenance Regime
  8. Obsolescence
  9. Maintenance costs or parts
  10. Energy Consumption (High, Medium, low, Very high)
  11. Estimated Value

Lets look at the depth or vertical parameters:

  • All Essential Services Equipment, including Portables, Fire Blankets etc, regardless of value
  • All equipment which has a maintenance agreement attached
  • All equipment with moving parts
  • All equipment which is energy consuming
  • All equipment above a bench mark financial figure
  • All Base Building Equipment
  • All common area equipment

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