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Measurement and Verification – DIY Systems Integration, Asset register, Building Management System, Energy Management System, BIM, Measurement In a previous life these terms were mutually exclusive, they required different vendors, different software and varying degrees of mutually exclusive expertise. These terms had this “black box” specialized and expensive connotation, with single vendor “captive client” pricing […]

How to Reduce or Eliminate False Economies in Corrective Maintenance in Commercial Property. All of these events creating false economies in corrective maintenance are easy to avoid, the methodology, is in the processes and procedures adopted by the facility management company. The first thought which comes to mind is the Building Manager and their role […]

Work Orders – 101 Devil is in the Detail. Work orders are the number 1 item for “move it over there, follow up tomorrow, it 4:45pm, it can wait, …blah blah blah” you know and we know it also the greatest catalyst for a poor corrective maintenance result, misunderstandings between management and sub-contractors, invoice disputes […]

Building Management vendor Change: Should you change your building management vendor? Why should you change? What are the benefits and liabilities? Will it help you? We will set the scene: Residential apartment block, common basement of two levels, 5 towers, total of 161 apartments. Circa 8 years old The issue: basically the place is in […]

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