Building Managers, and sub-contractors; an under-used resource? In our efforts to reduce costs, increase sustainability and improve the economics of operations in commercial buildings, we sometimes bypass the people, who can help us the most. Building Managers are a library of data. Building Managers, being on the front line of operations, have access to a […]

Building Management Who is the Building Caretaker? “Property Manager, Building Manager, Strata Manager, Somebody tell me, Who is the Building Caretaker?”. History Many people have mixed ideas about titles and the responsibility of those titles within the property industry. the Functions of the roles of managers can be blurred especially when we cross between property […]

False Economies in Building Management Investigating and eliminating False economies has the potential to save some serious money for both the Facility Manager and the Owner. Where to begin, there are two major areas of loss, the first being labour the second being energy and natural resources. The labour side is actually the least obvious, […]

Work Orders – 101 Devil is in the Detail. Work orders are the number 1 item for “move it over there, follow up tomorrow, it 4:45pm, it can wait, …blah blah blah” you know and we know it also the greatest catalyst for a poor corrective maintenance result, misunderstandings between management and sub-contractors, invoice disputes […]

One strategy which will make your day better in operations management Operations Strategy for Commercial Buildings Engaging vendors, suppliers and contractors which communicate status information with you, as the facility manager, even when there is bad news, keeps you, the facility manager, “in the loop”. These contractors are more useful in managing a commercial building […]

Abatement versus Incentive | What Do These Terms Actually Mean Abatement versus Incentive: The Lease agreement or contract between the Landlord (lessor) and the Tenant (Lessee) has various parameters for negotiation, one of the points of opportunity, for both parties is rent abatement or incentive. The terms are not mutually exclusive but rather codependent. WIFM […]

Time Management Software Which team do you subscribe to? The affirmative, that is Time Management or Facility Management Software Helps you to be Organized OR the Negative, that is, Software is a Complete Waste of Money. A privileged example: Chapter 1 – The Scene It’s been a good week, most of our buildings are ticking […]