Service level agreements for facility managers

A Contract Management Fail An outline of this privileged observation: Contract Management Fail: In a nut shell, a HVAC contractor is a given a task to replace a Fan Coil Unit (FCU). The contractor submitted his price, received the order and began the job. He didn’t consult with any other trades, tenancies or technicians involved […]

outsourcing facility management | Terminating a vendor

Outsourcing Facility Services Facility Services delivery includes more than just attending site and organizing corrective maintenance, it encompasses many solid attributes of good business and the foundation of many long term business relationships, for example:   communications, transparency, trust, accountability, reporting Mile stones Key Performance Indicators just to name a few These all form part […]

Pest Control Pigeons

Pest Control Pigeons Are Pigeons leaving unsightly droppings on your building and car park pipes, ledges, and facades? Have the pigeons damaged your property? Is the property devalued or less inviting as a result? What are you doing about it? Pigeons find favorite places to nest in Commercial buildings, residential apartment buildings, warehouses, industrial; there […]

Contract management

The false economies if reusing commercial furniture in an office space The Commercial Furniture Fail .We look at a few different scenarios and none of them prove themselves to be the money saver a tenant might think. In fact it can cost a tenant more! As Facility Managers we are often asked by the Landlord […]

Time Management Facility Management Software

Outsourcing Hotel Housekeeping The conversation went a little like this: “Who’s idea was that, no one does that!”, “What am I gonna all day?” and “how we gonna know what goes where like we do now!” “We gonna have to have double of everything”. I think this person was having a bad day anyway and […]

Commercial Real Estate Types Offices, Retail, and Industrial There are three main types of commercial properties which attract a tenant and consequently a yield: Offices, Retail and Industrial. These properties vary in characteristics as per any other property investment, but the sectors of office, retail and industrial offer there own synergies and advantages. Commercial Offices […]

Building Management vendor Change: Should you change your building management vendor? Why should you change? What are the benefits and liabilities? Will it help you? We will set the scene: Residential apartment block, common basement of two levels, 5 towers, total of 161 apartments. Circa 8 years old The issue: basically the place is in […]