Building Management System Maintenance

Building Intelligence and Energy Management What is Building Intelligence and Energy Management? A Quick Definition Lets begin with a quick definition, there are energy monitoring systems, these collect data, trend this data in a file some where and that’s it. when the NABERs assessor arrives he likes to see this information. An Energy Management System […]

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Frustration! The greatest industry challenge we regularly witness is the frustrated client who wants to use another vendor and feels trapped with the vendor they have now, “Vendor captivity” in BMS, Automation, HVAC and Access Control can cost landlords and property manager more money than it should. Our goal is to “unwrap” the client and […]

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Return on Energy Management Investment Energy Management Metering. Energy management investment is the application of energy metering your building’s performance and understanding it’s efficiency is critical part of BIM, “Building Information Modelling”; Given any commercial building, with a lower grade and has a few years of reliable service in its history, there is still good […]

Building Technology and Sustainability

Trend Logging Energy Data Trend Logging in the Building Management System Trend Logging data within the Building Management System can be one of the most productive and useful tools within a system. Trend logging energy data an exporting the data in programs such as Microsoft’s excel for analysis is typically a right click and your […]